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July 9,10,11

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Coming from Lancaster, PA I drove five easy hours on great interstate, stopping only to climb Sliddell Hill on I 68. Nice VC and beautiful view. Stopped in LaVale, one of my favorite towns, had lunch and got groceries for the three day event. New to being at festivals alone I am not too experienced in grocery shopping so I played it safe and bought non-perishables. An orange, two Snickers, and a can of Pringles. Sam Addams and ice. Leaving Interstate at Morgansville there was maybe 30 miles of narrow mountain roads full of gravel trucks. Nice drive, ate the Snickers. Line was not too long and was directed into a big valley full of cars and campgrounds. Had to drive all the way across the valley and into the next for parking. Right away I decided to be friendly and took over for the parking guy. It was boring but I did get to wave that big red flag lol. Walked across the lot to the nearest hill and climbed to the top carrying tent. Still using that 18 dollar Walmart special. There was already a site at the top that looked like friendly people so I asked and they said to camp there was alright. I set up tent and went back down to the car and carried guitar and bedroll up (I travel light) and rested up for the Keller show. Nice neighbors asked me to eat with them and found them to be Keller fans too. Also some guitars were evident which looked promising.

Behind a small grove of trees below us much of the parking was screened

Eventually all the side of the hill was covered with tents.

The end of the ridge gave a pretty good path down to the parking lot.

Sound tent

Only one stage here made for less running around and time to do other things.

Typical legal vendors, I recognized a few.

The path down the other side of the ridge to the venue.

pan --->

pan --->

The hillside along the edge of the venue was quite a climb but had a good view.

The Greyboy Allstars
I was glad I went down to the venue early to secure a front row for Keller. Karl Denson was there with Greyboy Allstars. I liked him even beter than Tiny Universe. I'm not sure which is a side project. Theresa Andersson (the girl formerly known as hot fiddle chick from Wakarusa) did a set while Keller was getting ready with an accoustic guitar and a backup singer. Watch her, she is going to be big. She sang a song to Keller and he played drum for her last song then He was on.
For a great Keller Williams site try Marty's site has everything you need. Dates, Music, Tabs, Pix, Articles, Setlists and more. Check it out.
Join in the K-Dub discussions at Keller Williams Discussion Board. Ed runs a board with a wide variety of Keller threads. Sign up and voice your opinion. There's even a spot reserved for the man when He decides to finally post (crosses fingers). :)

First time I saw Him with a theremin.

Foggy the next morning and partly overcast all day.
After breakfast I was glad Charles talked me into an early show. The Bridge from Maryland came on at 11 and put on a fine blues and folk show. See them if you get a chance.

Wendy and Charles

Libby Kirkpatrick

self portrait with Jeff

Drum School with Jim Donovan
Many left on Sunday leaving the hillside baren looking. There was a blues festival nearby and some headed over there. I decided to resist the temptation to start driving the thousand mile trip home and stayed until Monday.

John Medeski with North Mississippi Allstars

Chris Chew makes his bass look like a toy!

The lurkermobile takes advantage of the empty lots and moves to the base of the ridge. There were still too many campers to attempt driving up.

Jeff was here. He spent alot of time collecting rocks and sculpting snakes and stuff. We had some good conversations. He left his stones in a pyramid to mark the spot for next year. I'll be there!
Gus the Clown is the very first person I've ever met from New York City. Queens. I asked him alot about New Youk and clowning and he obliged with a wealth of information.
I wasn't sure I wanted to see a Grateful Dead cover band and out of politeness didn't wear the "Some Things Can't Be Replaced" tyedye with a drawing of Jerry I planned. Dark Star did a great job but I wasn't moved until a huge beachball started bouncing around the crowd. Don't know why then but I was overcome with sadness and had to leave the venue for a while walking around in the glaring sun.

Sunburnt I retreat to the shade and Triskit takes my picture as we visit.

Andrew and I pose.

Triskit said not to use this one of her. OK.
Most of the crowd left Sunday after Dark Star and those of us left had aolt of room. I was invited to bring my guitar to my nearedt neighbors site but declined letting them use it for a while. I was eshausted and pretty much sat with Sam and reflected. What a long strange trip indeed.
I left next morning around 8 and planned to drive partway home . The trip went well and I drove through 19 hours and 999.5 miles. Had I known at the time I would have driven around the block.

The second largest cross in the Western Hemisphere. See my Texas trip for the biggest!

Back in Kansas with my patriotic Jayhawk. It had been three weeks since we were photographed together so I stopped.
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