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All Good Music Festival 2005
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The All Good Music Festival site at Marvin's Mountain near Masontown West Virginia.  This is a hand stitched panorama made from four hi res photos.
for a REALLY BIG picture!
OK here's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Once again traveling to All Good Festival on the way home from an extended trip I drove through PA, MD and then WV and love the country and views. It rained so hard near LaVale I had to stop but took advantage of knowing the town and stores and bought supplies. If you read last years menu you know that I was pretty inexperienced at shopping for camping, but I'm proud to say that I'm a pro now. Bought three oranges (they were too sour to eat) a pack of Brats and buns, SIX Snickers, a hunk of cheese, Doritos and a case of Amstell Lite. That ought to be good for four days. Light rain on the pleasant drive to the venue and then two or three hours in line. Didn't matter we all got out and visited and I met some great folks. One guy, George, got in line to buy his ticket for the next day not intending to stay Thursday with the early arrivals but once in line couldn't get out so had to wait til he got to the tickets and then fought traffic back out!
I got parked and carried a tent to the top of the ridge where I camped last year hoping to find Charlie and Wendy who should have arrived. They were nowhere to be found but I did find the hammock guy from last year and his girlfriend and they suggested I camp near them so I set up a tent. There were a few acts Thursday so I headed for the small stage at the bottom of the hill and got there in time for Papa Grows Funk who put on a rocking good show and had the crowd with them.
Papa Grows Funk Papa Grows Funk Papa Grows Funk
Next was a strange act, Matisyahu is a Hassidic Jew, who over the disapproval of his church is on the summer tour circuit doing songs of faith and spirituality. He also had a good number of followers in the crowd and put on a decent show doing some variations on raggae.
Matisyahu Matisyahu Matisyahu Charles and Wendy help Tim celebrate his birthday
Leaving the area I found myself walking right next to Charles and walked him back to his LOWLAND campsite. It was nice to see Wendy again and there was a birthday party going on for Tim. As I left for my site the fog rolled up the valley and after having a few adult beverages I got lost in the fog and tried for maybe an hour to find my tent.

Got a good nights sleep once I found my way home and woke to a beautiful day. Met the rest of the neighborhood folks and am never surprised at festivals how much fun the neighbors are. Steve and Rick were camped right across the road from me (well I decided to camp IN the road at least with my shelter which came in handy during rains for visitors to stop a while). Next to me were Hammock Guy from last year, whos real nickname turned out to be Lurch (Steve cracked up at lurch and lurker, both of our real names being Michael) and his girlfriend Kate.
Steve, who never quit smiling and Rick who didn't like Steve calling his name then saying nothing more.  Well you know what happened with that! lol Our young neighbors were great fun and had some serious dicussions on the fiscal responsibilities of the Kansas government when outsourcing jobs and services but dammit I can't remember their names! Lurch, the camper formerly known as Hammock guy, and Kate Not as hairy as I look in this pic, must be shadows! Camped right there in the middle of the road!
It rained Friday afternoon for about three hours and wind blew hard but being protected by the top of the ridge we were out of the wind and didn't have much runoff so we sat in our shelters and watched the storm and passed the time visiting with people looking to get out of the rain. People in parts of the lowlands were flooded out and there was skimboarding in one campground.
We watched the rain comming and then roll right down the valley Lots of folks stopped by to get out of the rain in their travels around. We had a steady stream down our path but no skimboarding We all just huddled up in our shelters to wait it out One funny thing was that while it was raining everybody seemed to be smiling and having a good time
Wendy reported people riding inflatables down the ditch that flooded past their site. The water behind the dam we cross to the main venue was nearly to the top.

That evening just before dusk we were watching the sun set a guy came around and set up an easel and started to paint a landscape. He worked fast but Kate and I both thought that he was going to lose the light before he finished. Turned out he had a headlamp and worked right into the dark. Kyle let me photograph him working and turned out to be a pretty interesting guy I spent time with the next day.
Jason Isbell rocked hard, wish I got there for the whole show! Yellow shirt bouncers gather in the corner.  Feels like the room just got a little warmer.  Point at you what's up with that but don't worry yo I got your back.  But one of them dudes is as big as the both of us, big old arms, big as a school bus.  Looks like he could snap us in two, I ain't got no gun, I think we should run. ~~sorry I got carried away~~ OK so Gabby isn't that good of a performer but she looks like this tiny little hentai doll and I would have liked to taken her home with me.  So long as she doesn't sing or play that damned accordion. ~~Gabby~~ Oh I forgot to tell you this is a singalong and you have to be real loud OK?  ~~one guy in crowd~~  FUCK YOU! Les really did a good show and even Gabby was impressive playing stand up sitar.  I wish they had brought the lights up once so as to get a better picture.
Back to the main venue I got there in time to see Gabby LaLa from the front. I watched her with a girl named Lauren who kept telling me to take more pictures "She's got her blue hair on!" and for Laurens sake I wish I had because all of them turned out crappy as did the ones of Les Claypool. Gabby was not so enthusiastically received by the majority of the crowd but was better appreciated on the sitar with Claypool.
These are pretty big pix if you click 'em.  Maybe you'll see yourself! Lauren on the left is a big Gabby fan.  I don't know why.

Saturday morning I took a walking tour of the whole area and met up with George, the guy from in line Thursday. He had a great site with the festival workers and a nice girlfriend. The walk took me all the way to the entrance where there were three tour busses were backing through the crowd. Thinking they were Keller and Spearhead and String Cheese I walked alongside them thinking I could walk right through the backstage gate by staying behind them but decided not to at the last minute knowing I'd get caught shortly and thrown out.
Fog hanging over the valley George and his GF at their camp.  They had a private porta but I got yelled at when I went to use it.  First time I ever got yelled at for using one instead of just peeing in the bushes!  Anyway no hard feelings I just peed in the bushes. Our ridge in the background from across the valley
Tour busses backing in.  I know I could have made it because there was only one guy at the gate!  Got scared at the last minute that once I got in I wouldn't have a pass and when I got caught they might throw mw out the front gate long enough to miss Keller. Ben and Kyle Kyle relaxing after putting the finishing touches on his painting
Stopped by to see Kyle and Ben for a while and to admire Kyle's finished painting. There were lots of intresting sights around as there always are but I wanted to be at the venue for Yonder Mountain to get near the front thus ready for front row for Keller and then Spearhead.
Penny for your thoughts Steve.
That plan worked. Vince Herman from Leftover Salmon was the guest MC replacing some pain in the ass guy who everybody hated. He also came out and joined Yonder Mountain String Band and sang one.
The pain in the ass MC leads a gay parade. Keller tunes up. Vince introduces Yonder Mountain... ...and later joins in.
These are pretty big pix if you click 'em.  Maybe you'll see yourself! These are pretty big pix if you click 'em.  Maybe you'll see yourself! Michael Franti and Yonder Mountain Michael Franti and Yonder Mountain Michael Franti and Yonder Mountain
Michael Franti came out with Yonder Mountain and the crowd loved it! If that wasn't enough when Franti left Keller came out and played a few and that was the set change, YM left and Keller started his set. I was a little disappointed that it was the same show I saw last time I saw him (Summer Camp) but no matter Keller is always excellent.
For a great Keller Williams site try Marty's site has everything you need.. Dates, Music, Tabs, Pix, Articles, Setlists and more. Check it out.
You can join in the K-Dub discussions at Keller Williams Discussion Board. Ed runs a board with a wide variety of Keller threads. Check it out and voice your opinion.
Sun goes down as Keller finishes and after a short wait Spearhead takes the stage and Michael Franti steals the show. Franti is an extremely energetic entertainer as well as talented but the most impressive thing about him is that when he asks,"How you FEELIN?" he really wants to know and cares. While his music is mostly rolicking good fun there are more serious songs and a few stories told about the plight of people he has met. It is all reminicent of the 60's. Except the music wasn't hip hop then. Check out Spearheads webpage

So to make my evening complete Keller comes back out with Spearhead! He sang, he danced, and looked like he was having the time of his life. But how could you not when your with Michael Franti?? Marvin's Mountain ROCKED!
I was really happy to get to meet Michael Franti again.  He said he remembered me from Summer Camp.  I got him to autograph the shitrt Heather had tye-dyed for me.  Life is good!

OK so I was totally lazy on Sunday and didn't go to the venue. I felt kinda guilty but what the hell I was enjoying sitting aroung and visiting. I could hear the main stage pretty well and enjoyed a day of rest at home.
I like this place, I don't want to leave.  Much better than reality. Kate changes stove fuel on the fly Gypsey stopped by with her cat.  Sittin on top of the world.  These guys are camped right at the top ov the trail to the venue and could see everything.
Steve and Rick packed in the afternoon and left that evening.
We were sorry to see our neighbors leaving. New Jacks Brains shirt from SHACK and just tie-dyed by Heather!
One of the vendors who was done for the weekend was taking her daughters for a walk. Kyle and Ben stopped by to say goodbye... ...and we found out a jeep will fit in my shelter lol. Dark Star closed the Festival

Monday the place is deserted because we were Police ordered to leave last night by midnight because of a storm warning of leftovers of a hurricane. Alot of people complied.
Nearly everybody was gone in the morning. Lurch and Kate were still there. I stopped by to say goodbye to Gypsey bet she wasn't up yet. The storm had never appeared and it was a really nice day for driving Gave the peace sign to the driver of this VW bus on the interstate in Ohio as I passed him.  We'll meet again!
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