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The Amazing Invisible Man
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OK this is my story and I'm sticking to it. A few years ago I decided to be the Invisible Man for Halloween. I got the invisible pills, available on the internet, and they worked pretty good except it was a cold night and when you use the pills you have to go nekkid because you can still see your clothes. This year I tried the invisible paint and it works really well. First, as with all toxic products, read the instuctions carefully. You can start anywhere but I started with my feet. It was pretty cool watching them fade away with just a light spraying of the paint. You will want to have a hand mirror handy for getting all the spots in the back. Close your eyes when doing your face so your eyelids get done too. When I got almost finished I realized that if the wind blew my hat off my head would still show so I took it off and painted the top of my head to be safe. I think I look pretty good, huh? Happy Halloween!
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