Summer Camp 2004
The Evacuation

Really looking forward to SummerCamp 2004, especially Keller Williams, I didn't mind the mind numbing eight hour drive on Friday with the day off work. One of my favorite sites is a house covered with wheel covers just south of Peoria, Maybe 20 minutes to the gate. Met up right away with folks from Jacks Brains . Gwen, Sara P, Charlotte, and Uncle J had saved a good camping spot and set up an admirable common area. Alicia and Erin who we met in 2003 were again camped nearby. They are alot of fun and introduced us to more locals.
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House of Wheel Covers Erin and Gwen Sara P, the HORN, and Uncle J Alicia, Hollywood and Charolotte Alicia and Hollywood, now Precious
Gwen tries to make music Erin takes my picture.
After setting up our tents we relaxed and enjoyed adult beverages, not allowed into the camping area except by vendors, but we managed nicely. We met Hollywood who I promptly re-named Precious. You can see why.
Percious with flowers in her hair
Saturday morinng we hit the open fields near the Sunshine Stage for a game of Wiffleball. Deciding to photograph the event I was also able to spend time at Sunshine Stage and saw a couple of good shows. Tea leaf Green put on an excellent show. Jay drew talent from both coasts this year and the frisco sound was everywhere.
Green Leaf Tea on the Sunshine Stage from the ballfield
You can see the WiffleBall game in the background.
As at most JacksBrain's gatherings...BUBBLES!
We ate alot! Kuhn is an excellent cook and I always look forward to him feeding me lol. After eating we headed for the main stage to see Particle and Umphrey's. I skipped most of Mediski, Martin and Wood being a guitar guy and made it back for the end of Leftover Salmon and then the highlight of the evening, moe.
It rained hard that night but no damage or severe leaks.
The walk to the Main Stage. Shopping on Shakedown Street Randy back at camp.
Randy and Uncle J pick out a tune before moe moe Sunday morning, and it is Uncle J's Birthday Out comes the HORN... Gwen
and Silly String and Silly String and Silly String littlehigh
Just as we were preparing to leave the camp for the evening shows that would close the festival the Sunshine Stage PA announced that we must evacuate the park because of tornado warnings. Quickly packing what we would take and securing what we would leave we started through the mud to the parking lot. The sky looked worse and worse and it started to rain just as we got to the parking lot. Made plans to meet at a nearby grocery store to make plans on where to stay overnight. The evacuation was very orderly and no panic was evident. Cell phones rock! Everybody got together and headed for Peoria where we secured rooms by phone.
Click here for pictures and the official story of the evacuation from Jay.
Gwen falls down.  Alot.
Soon as we had checked into the hotel the bad weather passed and we were rewarded with a rainbow right outside our windows. After ordering pizza we went out to play in the puddles and meet other evacuees.
eerie pic of Charlotte
Next morning we drove back to the venue, some to pick up their belongings and leave, some to see the rest of the show and camp one more night. Soon as we parked we saw VW van that we knew could get into the gate so we rode with them around to the Sunshine Stage near where we were camped and close to the main stage. The grounds were soaked and a number of tents blown down but our stuff was secure. I got to the main Stage as Keller was starting.
Waterfront camping now available!  This is the walk to the main venue.
We had no problem getting up close. It was a loopless show as I hoped. There were several Dead covers right off my setlist and I thought Keller and I sounded pretty good together!
Reg, Keller and lurker Reg, Keller and lurker
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Oteil and the Peacemakers put on a great show when Keller was through.
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