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Thursday took two lane highways from home in Kansas for an uneventful eight hours. Crossed the river at Hannibal, got a good parking spot, ran into Nick from last year, and hauled my crap into the campsite. Jack's Brains arrived hours earlier and had staked claim to an admirable spot with a huge canopy and tents all set up.
Mississippi River Bridge at Hannibal Mules ~ Adam, Mel and Reg
I really don't remember!
Uncle J

Groovatron put on a show that night in the Barn
Uncle J and Mel
Erin from the last two years here was camped nearby...
CJ and Mel
and we met a new guy, CJ who was traveling from Denver to home in VA.
just water
Reg, Adam and Gwen
Adam took alot of pix
Gwen and Charlotte
Went to the Main Stage early to be front row for Keller Williams and saw Donna the Buffalo with CJ and we met Dorothy from Kansas. Toto was not in attendance. Donna put on a good show despite equipment glitches. It started to rain near the end of their set. As the rain got harder the equipment was moved further backstage then removed. Their guitar player held out to the bitter end rocking the dwindling crowd til he and his guitar were all that was left onstage. We decided to hold our place for Keller and got soaked.

* was really from Des Moines but had lived in Kansas at one time.

Mel and Reg
The sun came out and Keller took the stage and did loopless show for a cold and wet but enthusiastic crowd. Zilla, a bass, an accoustic and an electric drum were the only instruments onstage. The drum stand gave way at one point and was repaired while the show went on. Later it stopped working but Keller kept the beat with mouth noises then guitar all the while writing a song about the machine. "I think I blew the damn thing up!"
ever notice that Keller is always trying to sneak into pix with me and Reg?
me and Reg
For a great Keller Williams site try Marty's site has everything you need.. Dates, Music, Tabs, Pix, Articles, Setlists and more. Check it out.

Join in the K-Dub discussions at Keller Williams Discussion Board. Ed runs a board with a wide variety of Keller threads. Sign up and voice your opinion. There's even a spot reserved for the man when he decides to finally post (crosses fingers). :)
I think I blew the damned thing up! .moe is really best from the back where you can see what the light guy is doing.
.moe Friday
Erin philosophizes on poop after .moe
Next morning started with cocktails. Adam takes over when Reg is doing it all wrong. Made trips to the smaller stages and caught a good show at Brian's stage but didn't get the band's name. They could be heard from our camp and had an early Frisco sound that I liked.
Wouldn't it have been cool if the smiley face ball in the background had been in front of Erin's head?
Went to the Main Stage early to get front row for Michael Franti and Spearhead and met Dorothy. This was my first time to see him and have only known about him for a few months. He started out sitting with an accoustic but moved into a very energetic show. Sometimes I felt like he was watching me (well an old guy in a hat who knows all the words and keeps helping fire up the crowd around him is notable I guess. But, hey, that's MY act lol.)
When the show was over he jumped from the stage into the pit and climbed the fence into the crowd near us. He talked with fans, signed autographs while making his way over to us. We talked for some time about the sixties, music, and war and peace.

Dorothy and Michael
I've got to say I felt pretty good about having a performer of this stature want to meet me.  You'll NEVER convince me that wasn't his intent when he came off the stage.  I left the venue with my knees sort of weak.
Hackensaw Boys on the Sunshine Stage.

.moe Saturday
After morining cocktails I headed for the Camp Stage to catch Theresa Andersson. I hoped that I would get a chance to meet her having seen her at several festivals last year.


me and Reg

Kuhn poses behind Adam
I never seem to be able to get it across that when you are playing a drinking game, when you drink you are the WINNER
Some kind of card game.

The Camp Stage
Theresa and Chris Haugen are both versitle and talented. Besides playing several insturments she has the voice of an angel. From New Orleans, she will be skipping the festival season for a European tour for the rest of the summer. Next three shows are in Iowa and Illinios and I'm sorry I couldn't make any of them.
eat your hearts out boys! After the set I tried to be helpful and took over the e-mail list. It didn't go unnoticed and I had a nice talk with Theresa and Chris.
Victor Wooten puts on a high energy, well rehearsed show. Everyone onstage was exceptionally talented. There even was a juggling act in which Victor show off another talent.

.moe Sunday
It was the last night so I decided to sneak into the sound booth. I walked right in and watched the show over the light guy's shoulder. Back at camp we partied late doing our best to finish the tequila. Did a pretty good job but the neighbors probably didn't appreciate frequent shouts, "I'm a ROCK STAR!!"

the drive home from Summer Camp takes me by a house covered with wheel covers.  I always mean to stop but am too hung over and tired
~~ Photos from Collin ~~
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