~ Summer Camp 2006 ~
Memorial Day Weekend

moe. friday
Summer Camp Festival 2006. Thursday... took two lane highways from home in Kansas then across Missouri for an uneventful nearly seven hours. The Lurkermobile was running fine and a change in tire pressure gave great gas mileage. The federalies were not out and I was able to make it in record time averaging a little under 75 mph for the 475 mile trip. Crossed the river at Hannibal, the river is surprisingly small here. Arriving at the parking I played the old dude card and got a good parking spot right at the gate. Jacks Brains was already there with a big camp set up right next to Kyle and Brian. Again this trip met alot of cool new people. Pictures this year are few, after all it is a vacation!
Crossing the Mississippi River at Hannibal... I try to get a pic each time I cross The River. Not such a good idea to leave the flash on though! Steph, Charolette, Gwen and Sara P. relaxing at camp on Thursday afternoon.
Mike makes some snacks...
...and Mel cleans up.
I decided early on that being on vacation I would not be rushed or try to make it to every show. Workshops were high priority as was just wandering and visiting. I did make it to the late nite Thursday for Groovatron.
Uncle Jimmy and Khun
Met up with Erin once again.  She demonstrated the proper loading of a beer bong...
...and unloading!
The Camp Stage
Jim does some cooking.
James explains about being a Mormon.
Kuhn & Buddha

Keller was stellar. I guess. This was the first time I saw him do the looper show at Summer Camp and I missed the loopless show. For those who were seeing him for the first time live it must have been exciting but I was a little disappointed in the lack of new material. It's fun to hear Dead covers and old Keller but when you've seen it all so many times it loses its sincerity and becomes a novelty. Worst part is though, realizing that, I'm going to have to re-evaluate my own show and setlist. Yikes! I play Dead covers and old Keller! (and not nearly as well as he does!)
The Main Stage ~ Keller Williams

Yellow shirt bouncers gather in the corner, feels like the room just got a little warmer.  ~~ Yeah he played Freaker.

For a great Keller Williams site try Marty's site has everything you need.. Dates, Music, Tabs, Pix, Articles, Setlists and more. Check it out.
Join in the K-Dub discussions at Keller Williams Discussion Board. Ed runs a board with a wide variety of Keller threads. Sign up and voice your opinion.

How many time you seen THIS pic?? ~ Me and Regular @ Keller
The BEST festival workshop ever!  In an air conditioned church AL and Chuck of moe. and Jake Cinninger from Umphrey’s McGee sat around and talked guitars and music and played a few tunes.
Got Realplayer? Here's a short clip of moe. on Friday.  The sound sucks but you can see the lights pretty good.
moe. vid clip
Laura.  I don't know why and didn't ask.

Met Brian here last year.  He is in charge of volunteers this year but wouldn't let me have a golf cart.  He is still cool and will be at Wakarusa in two weeks also.

Mel and Amanda
with old pal Kyle
moe Sunday
Through the whole festival there was a feeling like we had never left. I talked about it with others who had the same feeling. Kind of like we temporarily interrupt our lives at Summer Camp to go out and get supplies, but this is where we live. Where we belong. For the first time I didn't feel sad on leaving. Hardly said my good-bys. We'll all be back soon enough.

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