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Papa Mali
The First Annual Wakarusa Festival was held near Lawrence Kansas home of the Jayhawks. Besides this patriotic bird the only noteworthy sight on the way was a microwave tower that was being removed after being blown down in a storm a few weeks earlier. The Festival was held at Clinton Lake. As I walked up to the Sundown Stage Papa Mali was on with a girl fiddle player sitting in. I saw her play twice more the first day but never did get her name. We will see her again though, she is totally hot.

Drums & Tuba

Amy and Jason

lurker, Nicole and Amy

Amy caught photographing a sleeping vendor!
Walking from the parking lot to the festival I hooked up with Amy and Jason, both from Lawrence. We saw the end of Drums & Tuba and spent some time checking out the legal vendors. Nicole was nice enough to let us share her shade while we visited with her.

self portrait with Jason

the orange tarp
After checking out the vendors we caught a bus to the campground. It wasn't too far and we walked it a few times but we did get to ride around and see how big the park really is. There is room for a really big festival here and the roads and facilities are really nice. Amy was vending so we walked through alot of the park. We stopped at a campsite and met Corby, Jacob and Shayla who were vending and are avid festival followers. There were many interesting stories from the road. I was glad to be hooked up with such great people.
There were signs all over to look for the orange tarp and we did find it clearly labled. I never did go over to see what was under it!

Amy photographs
the orange tarp


Split Lip Rayfield
from Wichita KS
Keller has an air of confidence about him.
For a great Keller Williams site try Marty's site has everything you need. Dates, Music, Tabs, Pix, Articles, Setlists and more. Check it out.
Join in the K-Dub discussions at Keller Williams Discussion Board. Ed runs a board with a wide variety of Keller threads. Sign up and voice your opinion. There's even a spot reserved for the man when He decides to finally post (crosses fingers). :)
When Keller finished I walked to the Revival Tent for a while and then back to the Sunup Stage to see Leftover Salmon. Corby talked me into staying and camping instead of driving home and I am glad she did. Leftover Salmon put on a good show but it got all that much better when Keller came back out. Hot fiddle girl from earlier in the day also came out and Wakarusa rocked!

hot fiddle girl
Leftover Salmon
Particle put on an excellent show as they have been at festivals all over the country this summer. Unfortunatly picture taking ability was not up to par this late night show in the Revival Tent.

Jason, Amy and Corby
Thanks to Amy who sent these pix from her camera. I was glad to get one of Corby who talked me into camping. I would have missed alot if I had left when planned! Also thanks to Jacob and Alien John for helping set me up.
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